to the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of Portugal. Greetings to all the Companions Cryptic Masons of Portugal.To all the Cryptic Masons spread throughout the globe a warm and fraternal welcome to the official web presence of the Grand Council of Portugal.

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The York Rite and Cryptic Masonry


June 26, 2022

The York Rite of Freemasonry. A History and Handbook by Frederick G. Speidel. Part III – The Council of Royal and Select Masters, 40-51. Oxford, N.C. : Press of Oxford Orphanage, 1978.

The Council of Royal and Select Masters, known as the Cryptic Rite, fills, what would be, a huge void in the history of the York Rite. The degrees controlled by the Grand Councils in the United States are : the Royal Master degree, the Select Master degree, and the Super Excellent Master degree. The first two were called Preservation Degrees. [...]
July 2, 2019

As Cruzes e a Espada

If we were to escape to the poor cubicle of rationalities, where nothing is produced or reproduced other than the fact that we think it is there that everything is produced and reproduced, we would live in a single world where cold stone walls would prevent us from seeing that it is beyond them that there is more sun and more moon.
May 5, 2014

Aprendizagem e Memorização

One of the problems we most often encounter in Freemasonry is the difficulty we are sometimes confronted with, in ritual practice.